Learn The Difference Between CMYK and RGB

Learn The Difference Between CMYK and RGB

Do you know the main difference between CMYK and RGB colors? Are these too difficult to understand? Or perhaps you are eager to know what they mean and have failed to find the right explanation so far! Well, don’t worry. Today, all your confusions will be cleared one by one, and by the end of this read, you will definitely be a pro at knowing what CMYK and RGB stand for.

Take it seriously when we say that being a designer, you need to know what these two acronyms mean. CMYK and RGB are printing color modes that can help you in planning and optimizing each stage of your design process. The use of RGB and CMYK differs depending on the platform it is being used. We will be discussing which color mode is better than the other later, but for now, let us see what RGB and CMYK stand for.

How do CMYK colors differ from RGB colors?

Both the printing color modes are a mix of colors that we commonly use in graphic designing. For a basic understanding, let’s establish that RGB color palette is best for digital work, whereas the CMYK color palette is best for printing products. 

What do CMYK and RGB stand for? Revelation time!

Understanding what RGB stands for:

RGB refers to the colors Red, Green, and Blue. It is the color space for digital images. This color palette is best for use on your work that will be displayed at any time on screen, be it the laptop or mobile phone.

How does it work?

We need to understand how RGB works. Basically, the light in the screen is able to display any color by mixing and varying the intensity of Red, Green, and Blue. Another term used for this is additive mixing. It starts with adding red, green, or blue to darkness and perfecting the pigment until you get the desired results. When these colors are mixed in equal amounts, then you are also able to get the color white. The cool thing is that the vibrancy, saturation, and shading can be controlled by the designers by changing the frequency of these colors.

The uses of RGB:

RGB color model can be used in different on-screen projects. This involves any device with a screen such as; computers, laptops, mobiles, and televisions, etc.

Use RGB if your work includes;

RBG Colors

  1. Designing of websites or apps
  • Buttons
  • Graphics of the website
  • Icons of the app or website

      2. Branding of companies

  • Logos that are online
  • Online advertisements

      3. Social media content

  • Display pictures
  • Display backgrounds et

      4. Visual content

  • Videos
  • Pictures for websites or social media

Understanding what CMYK stands for

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/black; is what CMYK stands for. This color space is used for printing materials. 

How does it work?

Any printing machine creates colors by mixing these four colors to varying degrees. This method is also known as subtractive mixing. Contrary to additive mixing, in CMYK, all colors begin as blank white, and each layer of color reduces the impact of the color white and adds different colors to the mix. When all colors are mixed together, pure black is created this way.

The uses of CMYK

CMYK is mostly used on packaging. The majority of packaging companies such as Boxes Xpert Hub use this color space to print pictures and anything else of the packaging. This color space is best for creating designs with paint as well.

Use CMYK if your work includes;

CMYK colors

  1. Branding upon packaging or paper
  • Stationary
  • Business cards
  • Stickers
  • Storefronts etc

      2. Advertising upon 

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Magazines
  • Packaging boxes
  • Packaging materials

      3. Merchandise

  • Shirts, and trousers, etc..

Using CMYK for packaging

The CMYK palette is mostly used for printing. For packaging, it is essential and can bring good quality printing. If you are looking to get custom printing, then CMYK is the best choice for sure. It is not only cheaper but also provides good quality and has been tested before. The results are fade-proof if you use the best quality ink and this color space has no faults to it.

Custom packaging at your doorstep:

Are you looking for any custom packaging company? After all, it can be one of the reasons why you are going through this article. If you are looking for custom packaging, then a company such as Boxes Xpert Hub is the best choice. You can visit their website and see the variety of custom packaging options they have to offer for sure. Custom packaging is in trend today and will definitely help you a lot.

Knowing your color modes is extremely important:

Knowing your color modes is of utmost importance. The main reason behind this is that it helps you in defining the pigment and gives you more control over it. The better you are at knowing the color mode, the easier it will get for you to actually predict what will be the outcome of your choice. If you are not so sure yourself, then try hiring a professional. They will ensure that you get a picture-perfect design which will definitely save you a lot of time as well as precious effort!

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