Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are applied only if the client is utilizing the site.

The following terms and conditions are applied only if the client is utilizing the site. Boxesxperthub.us has the rights to adjust and change these tenets and conditions with no insinuation or notice of any kind at any time. It is a suggestion for the clients to visit the terms and conditions on and off. Boxesxperthub.us is the proprietor of the materials that are used for the creation of our items. Our material isn't shared and sold to different parties. It is the right of TCB packaging to give out free samples or showoff the exclusively made printed boxes for the client’s request to grandstand the ability and show the designs.

Copyright Notice:

It is recognized by the use of the site that the client becomes aware of all the data and material showed on the site, that is, written material, programming, information, pictures, designs, representations, plans and maps, and all other material and content which is by and large named to be 'Our Website Content', is under the responsibility of Boxesxperthub.us and any sort of alteration, refreshing, replicating, republishing, appropriation and transmission of the content is entirely not permitted without the lawful authority of the site managers and owners.

User Conduct on Our Website:

You are accountable for any material either pictures, music or written content that you transfer, share, advertise or at any rate give out or scatter through our site. You acknowledge that any material either pictures, music or written content that you transfer, share, plug or in any case give out or scatter through our site or is utilized as a part of coordinated effort with ‘Our Website Contents’ would exclude any content, picture, outline, trademark, benefit check, or any copyrighted work of any outsider except if you have acquired the suitable approvals from the separate managers/owners for such use. You acknowledge and allow that you will not transfer, share, advance or at any rate give out or scatter through our site any web content that is foul, unpleasant, and chop down our different clients from using the administrations of our site or encroach the insightful property privileges of Boxesexperthub.us or some other party.

We have no right over the material shared by the clients of Boxesxperthub.us and subsequently, we give no affirmation of the legitimacy, respectability or profound quality of the material. Boxesxperthub.us will not be held answerable for any web content which you find revolting, unlawful, or oppressive.

Boxesxperthub.us have the freedom and rights to expel any material that is disgusting, damaging or generally unlawful, however, it's not their obligation to evacuate such material which abuses terms and conditions or which are thought of as questionable. The organization has the authority to update the substance as often as possible to our site or may uncover it if required

(a) stick to the legal process.
(b) apply the terms of service.
(c) replies the assert that the web content disobeys the third-parties right or
(d) keeps the rights, wealth or safety of our website and its customers.

Keeping in mind the end goal to receive our products, it is your responsibility to give the site the right data and information. Our site is absolutely intended for the utilization of people and no other computerized means. Any abuse of our site which disregards the terms and conditions of Boxesxperthub.us will be viewed as a crime and legal actions would be taken against it.

If you are a client and put in a request on our site, you guarantee that you have all the information right, consent, and authority to put in a request and the organization can make one of a kind items for your benefit. You declare that you are of adequate age to adhere to the legal procedures on the off chance that you encounter anything utilizing the site as a client.

You have the commitment to keep your password secured and controlling the access of your account on our site. On the off chance that somebody submits an order on our site, it will be on your behalf. You enable access to the site to make, reuse and alter content from our site when you or any individual who has access to your account.

For you to fully use the services and features of the website, the site needs the client's email and names for accessing the access in the future. The site has the authority to request some other personal and business data if necessary.

Just you are in charge of ensuring your password and you should not disclose or share it with anybody. In the event of exploitation of password or access, you are in charge of any abuse of our site or client's data either personal or public.

If you utilize our website, it shows the confirmation that you consent to the privacy policy of Boxesxperthub.us. You concede that you have perused and comprehended the organization's privacy policy and it can utilize your own and business data as described in the privacy policy.

Indemnification & Limitation of Liability:

 You consent to guard, repay and hold safe Boxesxperthub.us including its members, executives, workers, delegates, sellers, providers, subsidiaries, and subcontractors from and against any cases, harms, on the off chance that a claim or attest is made against the organization in view of the alleged wrong demonstrations of the clients or un-proven printing performed of the items by the organization asked for by the clients.

(a.) damages any legitimate insurance of any individual
(b.) incorporates occasions that is malignant, injurious, and foul
(c.) are the consequences of unapproved access to any password-protected area of our site. You will repay and hold us safe from any misfortune, loss, devastation or vandalism which emerges in light of any claim

(1.) protect the organization against any affirms
(2.) tip any verdict award
(3.) paying us for any legal expenses and uses which are included.

The Company won't be obligated for any mishap, demise, dangerous occasion, harm or hold up of any kind of its workers, employees, marketing staff, media members, and relevant authorities which is caused by either the use of our site through the data received, or on the off chance that any gathering was prescribed of such a probability of harms.

In no occasion will our aggregate obligation to you for all harms, misfortunes, and reasons for action including yet not constrained to carelessness, emerging from this understanding or your utilization of our site surpass the amount paid by you to Boxesxperthub.us for the order or demand.

Return and Refund Policy:

If you discover any fault in the printing of your item or the item isn't printed to your specifications, you have to inform the organization within 3 working days after receiving your order. If there should arise an occurrence of the flawed printing or not specified printing we reproduce your order but do not refund the money. The management team is responsible for the defect checking procedure. The clients need to send the faulty item's computerized photographs to the organization by using their own money inside 7 business days with a specific end goal to get the reprinting done. Hastened orders have charges that are non-refundable.

Payment Order Placement, Cancellations:

The costs of items are in USD (U.S Dollars) on our site. Payments will be accepted in the same currency. The organization will begin to proceed your order after they have gotten the total payment due on you which incorporates taxes, shipping charges, and so on via some authenticated payment source like bank transfer or PayPal.

The order placement incorporates sending the organization final form of the item or services by means of an electronic record or printed copy of the arranged item or services they need the organization to do for them. The printing orders are sent to the printing office once you are certain about what you need from us. After the undertaking is sent to the printing division no changes will be made with respect to timing or design. On the other hand, you can cancel the order inside the restricted time limit of 4 hours after approval. Cancellation will cost the client 25$ and 5% of the total amount of the order. The clients also have the choice to cancel their order following a 24-hour time limit, though, this will cost them a 50% of the aggregate amount of their order to cover the time and resources the company spent in making your item. However, the company does not guarantee that the order will be canceled after a period of 24-hours.

Design Orders:

Boxesxperthub.us do not allow any refunds for designing orders. The total payment is also non-refundable and the company does not allow the designing services’ order to be canceled.

Sales Tax Policy:

Clients will have to pay sales taxes if they order from the state of NJ. If you are exempted from paying the taxes, the company would like to see your tax exemption certificate.

Customers Submitted Artwork/Files:

Our artwork designers utilize the given designs of the clients from our site to make new designs. The organization requires your work of artwork files in 300 dpi (dots per inch) in the last form and CMYK format. On the off chance that you give the documents in any other format, the organization will not be in charge of blurred, exaggerated or designs that may look different from your artwork.

The clients who submit an order will be held responsible if the printed work isn't what they anticipated due to orientation or sequence of the order. The company’s workers take precautions to not lose the customers; Boxesxperthub.us will not be in charge of the loss of your printed orders. When you transfer work of art or any records to our site; you guarantee that the posted material is your property under the law.

The organization maintains whatever authority is needed to cancel a request which as we would like to think is considered unlawful or disregards the third party rights. When you order as a client, you take full responsibility for the work that you gave directions of. Boxesxperthub.us has the right to drop any request without giving a reason. It should be noted that the organization does not print anything which is offensive, abusive, or indecent.

Proofs and Color Accuracy:

The order placement incorporates sending the organization a final form of the item or services by means of an electronic record or printed version of the arranged item or services they want to be done. The printing assignments are sent to the printing division once we receive the agreement. As a client, it is your obligation to update and analyze the verification. The organization ought not to be kept waiting for contradicted proofs causing delays. You ought to keep in mind that the turnaround time which is revealed on our site is effective after the proof of agreement.

You are requested to go through the proof before agreeing on it. Always check your document for any errors in spacing, duplicate, design, punctuation, the photo position, and the text alignment. Confirmations in electronic structures do not deal with transparency; over-printing problems or color improve from RGB or Pantone to CMYK. The organization is not in charge of the printed form of items with laminations.

The client is completely in charge of all that is contained in the final approved proof:

The colors to be printed is created from the submitted work of art record, however, it can't be precisely similar to the color given due to the inherent constraints of the printing forms and also adjoining picture ink needs, the color exactness can't be ensured. When you submit a request you consent to this downside of the framework. The workers are encouraged to attempt their best to give the nearest color yet the organization isn't responsible for color changes amongst expected and printed work. There will be no reprinting done because of the framework impediments. We are not in charge of the coordinating color, ink, thickness on the printed items which you endorsed. Although, the organization ensures the color accuracy and coordinating in the event that you arrange hard proof from the organization. It is to be informed that printed copy proof will cost you more.

No Liability for Errors:

Boxesxperthub.us will not be held responsible if there are faults in the final product like:

  • Spelling and Grammar errors, font mistakes
  • Graphics punctuations, permeating imprints
  • Wrong text styles, Die lines, editing marks, and cracks in folds
  • Overprinting mistakes
  • Differences in completed product size

*All Packaging Material is shipped flat and pre-assembled.

Gang printing:

Our organization does not utilize the gang or combined printing method for the majority of the printing items. As per the printing necessities of the organization and clients, the organization can utilize any printing procedure which is appropriate to them.

Overruns Underruns:

The organization typically conveys the correct measure of items requested alongside an additional amount. This additional amount of the item conveyed is for free. If there should arise an occurrence of fewer items conveyed or underrun, the organization will simply deduct the amount of the delivered items. The organization follows the general rule of conveying 5% additional or less quantity of delivered items.

Production Speed, Shipping, and delivery of orders:

When you have paid or sent the total payment of your order to the organization and imparted your order to artwork/file either in hard shape or electronic frame, and settled upon the agreed content, which is audited by the printing department, then the production speed and printing turnaround time begin. Submitting an order on our site, you can choose the production speed which demonstrates the number of working days from printing to the shipment. You should send your agreement of the verification before 10 am Eastern Standard Time (EST). The Company and workers attempt their best to give you your items in time by means of transportation. If a delay arises, Boxesxperthub.us will not be liable for any misfortune/damage done because of a delay in shipping. The clients acknowledge that the organization isn't in charge of any delay because of weather conditions or customs issues which can't be controlled by us. On the off chance that there is an issue with the printing procedure, the charges will be refunded despite the fact that requests aren't dropped caused by a delay in printing.

You choose to charge the whole amount regarding custom obligations and expenses when delivered to particular areas. As a client, it is your obligation to clear the payment of customs for delivering the items outside of the USA. The organization provides 10 to 12 days to ship the item while 6-8 days for quickened dispatching (with 2-3 days for ground shipping) to any area inside the USA having no weight and amount constraint. Transportation to the additional areas will cost you additional charges. The organization will not be in charge of the delivery transportation timings, and misfortune or harm which is done amid the delivery. Legally, the organization is not to be reprimanded for any misfortune in transportation. Even though this type of incidents can be bought into attention after 6 working days after the shipment, if you provide us incorrect shipment delivery address or otherwise make an error in the submission of the complete delivery address, we will charge additional shipping and handling charges for re-shipment.

Changes to our Website and Terms and Conditions:

Boxesxperthub.us have the rights to change any segment of our site or Terms and Conditions whenever with or without notice to the customers of Boxesperthub.us. The new changes will be in actuality as they will be part of the terms and conditions of our site. In the event that you continue utilizing the site after new changes to the terms, it will be considered as your consent to the new changes.