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Suppose your brand is facing the issue that even the potential buyers of your product cannot identify and distinguish your product on the shelf. In that case, it's high time that you must pay close attention to your product's marketing, packaging, and shipping. For this, one must understand the color models used to create personalized rigid gift boxes. It doesn't matter if you have ever packaged or printed something on your own, but if you plan to invest in the printing and packaging industry in any capacity, this article is for you.

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PMS and CMYK Color Models and their Significance in Customized Rigid Packaging

The human eye perceives colors as variables; thus, the attempt to communicate the vision and mission of your brand through color, eye-catching images, artwork, etc., plays a decisive role in clinching the sale.

The information gives a basic knowledge to choose the appropriate color for your product packaging.

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Brief About Various Color Models

  • Additive color models or the RGB color model
  • Subtractive color models or CMYK color model 
  • Pantone (PMS) color

These color models have specified properties yet interlink usage in the screen and printing industry. We will stick to CMYK and PMS here for CMYK, and PMS are widely opted by wholesale packaging companies, depending on the design and package material you intend to print your message and package your product. 

Subtractive Color Models - CMYK Color Model or 'Process Colors:

As the name suggests, CMYK derives its name from the first letters of the four pigmented colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Blue. CMYK models mask colors on a white background. The sole reason that the CMYK model is preferred and opts in the printing and packaging experts for it gives you an entire spectrum of visible colors through halftoning. The color saturation can be controlled through halftoning, for the colors are printed in tiny patterns.

Points to be Noted Before Printing your Desired Packaging Boxes:

  1. The text, design, and image appear more pigmented than what you see on the monitor because the ink dots fatten up the printing and rigid packaging material like corrugated, rigid, and cardstock.
  2. To get better results in CMYK, play with lightning. In addition, it is suggested to use black or dark-colored text while keeping the background light, so it remains readable.

This model best serves print work: commercial printers, bureaus, and even your home printers operate on this model. Usage of the subtractive color model is expanded to but is not limited to artwork in magazines, books, and brochures. CMYK produces black; thus, there are chances that colors might not appear on your package, as you see on the screen.

  • Pantone (PMS) Color or 'Spot Colors:

PMS or Pantone matching system is the most widely used color palette. It boasts over 1,800 colors produced via thirteen base pigments, and each color is referred to through a specific number. The numbering system allows manufacturers to accurately identify colors based on the given number. This differentiation enables customized printing and wholesale rigid box manufacturers to avoid color inconsistencies in printing. Thus package your product in your desired yet customized color schemes without fail. Color numbers are followed by alphabets M, C, or U, which refers to Matte, Coated, or Uncoated.

CMYK is also used to reproduce a subset of PMS colors as well.

What Is The Significance of Printing Techniques In Customized Packaging?

In retails, designs on the package play a significant role in making and breaking a brand's image. This is because the packaging material and design are the first contact between a customer and the product that is not yet seen or touched.

This is why marketing experts emphasize giving visual appeal to the product as much as the product itself. One reason customized packaging has gained humongous popularity in the past few decades is that forward thinker businessmen rely not merely on the product's quality alone but its packaging. 

Printing Techniques Used In Rigid Packaging

How sad it would be that your graphic designer gives you the best possible digital design for your product's customized packaging, but it does not appear as on the screen. You can imagine the waste of time and resources you have to bear!

Here are intricate details of printing techniques used in the packaging industry to save you from the pains that have no gains. The information will benefit you if you are a business owner looking to custom package its products or a designer associated with the customized design or packaging industry.

The following are the printing techniques that printing manufacturers use in custom packaging. 

  • OFF set printing: Involves CMYK color models.
  • ON set printing / Digital printing: Involves PMS color models.
  • Graphic representation: RGB & HEX.


The first technique, offset printing or lithography, is also called litho lamination. 

It is not a direct printing method because a design is first printed on paper and later laminated onto a corrugated box. However, it gives exceptional results if you want to print high-resolution and detailed images. Since it involves PMS, there is more creativity. A printing and packaging manufacturer and designer get several choices in imagery and colors. It allows coatings of multiple colors;e thus can achieve the desired finishing, for this technique gives you a smooth and glossy image. You can also get a sleek matte look for your product. 

Lithography involves specific dies and plates for each design/package; thus is quite expensive and is not recommended for small customized packaging production but gives you desired results in bulk production.

  • Lithography uses PMS to print color models.
  • PMS has an extensive range of colors; each color has a specific code.
  • Opt for it if you are ordering in bulk.
  • It gives the best printing results.
  • It will cost you more in case of small orders or prototyping.
  • Results are exceptional with oil-based inks.


 Unlike Lithography light, sensitive polymer plates are used in Flexography. As a result, this technique is believed to be ideal for oil- and water-based inks.

Compared with Lithography, Flexography is Cost-Effective, even in the case of Bulk Orders. 

  • It involves watercolors.
  • Rubber end plates work great with spot colors.

Digital/ Inkjet Printing:

Digital or Inkjet printing is your go-to technique if you are looking for an affordable yet outstanding customized printing solution for your product. 

Digital printing, also called inkjet printing, usually prints flyers, broachers, and brand guide paper. Later the ink comes in direct contact with the paper, which is how the design is printed on the desired packaging material.

  • CMYK color model is used to print designs.
  • Opt for inkjet printing if you intend to go for small orders or prototyping.
  • Preferred to print computer colors/ designs.
  • Pixel-based designs can also be printed via this.
  • Inkjet Printing is not recommended for bulk orders.

Custom packaging involves human as well as creative and monetary resources. An intelligent business owner ensures that their design team is equipped with the basic knowledge of all the printing techniques used in the packaging and printing industry. Printing materials differ in resonating and responding to the dies, colors, or tuck-ins; for instance, inks are made up of two components, colorants, and solvents, thus giving different results on different packaging materials.

The info shared above will keep you on track in devising the prototype, artwork, or color schemes for your next custom package. In addition, this knowledge will help you get the best possible quotes for customized packaging and choose the best suits from various techniques and tools that cater to your brand or product needs.

Why Order Rigid Boxes From Boxes Xpert Hub?

The hassle of delivering delicate products in a custom packaging that imparts a luxurious unpacking experience is real. However, Boxes Xpert Hub covers you here, for we provide you with custom rigid boxes with an excellent mix of safety and business branding.

We have rigid boxes for all your products, no matter how wide, narrow, big, or trim your product's size or shape. Moreover, you can customize a rigid box with printed or embellished fabric, leather, paper wrap, or artwork. Custom rigid boxes by Boxes Xpert Hub are excellent because we rely on premium color models, printing techniques, packaging add-ons, finishing coats, varnishes, and packaging inserts to secure the product from environmental and retail handling entice the product.

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Dimensions All Custom Sizes & Shapes of Makeup Kits Boxes
Printing CMYK, PMS, No Printing
Paper Stock 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock
Quantities 100 - 500,000
Coating Gloss, Matte, Spot UV
Default Process Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation
Options Custom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink, PVC Sheet.
Proof Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)
Turn Around Time 4-6 Business Days , Rush

With the boom in the e-commerce arena's users expect to receive more than just a wrapped bundle. Unfortunately, big and small businesses make a mistake because they cater to the safe and on-time delivery of products but fail to give their target audience a personalized experience. Boxes Xpert Hub has come up with a plethora of custom packaging and printing options. We offer you packaging that not just ensures secure delivery but also communicates your brand's vision. Stand out in the market; select a printing technique, add-on, and varnish, packaging coating, finish, or packaging inserts that compliment your product niche or marketing campaign.

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