Gable Bag

Gable bags could also be utilized as boxes as well.

Gable Bag

Utilization of shopping bags is not something new in the market. We come across such things on a daily basis to hold and carry different products. Bags are not only used to carry products but also an important asset of promotional stuff. Previously polythene or plastic bags were utilized but they cause environmental damage. That’s why the use of these old shopping bags is not supported nowadays.

In such situation Boxes, Xpert Hub is providing you an excellent solution in the form of eco-friendly gable bags. These sort of bags could also be utilized as boxes. Custom gable bags are known as the combination of boxes as well as bags. They are manufactured with paperboard and cardboard. The good thing is, they’re easier to fold and assemble. This kind of packaging material is mostly used to pack different type of retail products and food items. Custom die-cut window bags are also a type of gable packaging.

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