Are you aware of the 7 types of packaging?

Are you aware of the 7 types of packaging

Competing in a crowded marketplace can get very hard especially when there are very few points of distinction. In such circumstances, your brand might find it very hard to fit in and capture an audience towards you. However, getting the right product packaging can be a lot of help. Studies show that your packaging can help your brand in capturing the market quickly and effectively. Well, the right kind of packaging; to be more specific. The right kind of packaging can be very hard to find. To understand what types of packaging exist, let us discuss the 7 types of packaging boxes in detail.

Know that brand recognition in the form of packaging comes with two different components;

  1. The type of packaging you are going with
  2. The design you are opting to put on it

Give it a little thought. The iPhone box is recognized from afar. Your cup can tell people whether your coffee is from Starbucks or not. The Tiffany and Co. blue box is easily identified amongst others. Your packaging needs to be selected with love and care; otherwise, it can lead to creating a bad image for your brand.

How you can choose the right type of packaging?

Choosing the right kind of packaging is very important. This goes deeper than the obvious kinds of things such as not using cardboard boxes for storing liquid items. While choosing your packaging, consider;

  1. The storage of the product
  2. The fragility of your product
  3. Perish-ability of your product
  4. The weight, size, and length of your product.

What does your packaging comprise of?

When it comes to packaging, it comprises of three different things including;

Outer packaging:

This layer of packaging needs to be heavy-duty as well as durable. It allows your product to be safe from bumps, or any lethal damage.

Inner packaging:

It provides more protection against any fatal blows. It normally comprises tissues papers or bubble wraps. This is just as important as the outer packaging, especially for fragile items.

Product packaging

It is the closest thing to your product. It can be the protective layering on your mobile phone or a cling wrap on a register. These keep the product safe from dust and scratches etc.

Let us dive into the 7 types of custom packaging boxes!

#1 Packaging boxes

Packaging boxes do not only include your normal cardboard boxes, in-fact, they include all types of boxes ranging from square boxes to a carton. Anything that is holding your product right is being classified as a box. These are some of the most convenient and easy-to-use kinds of packaging. You can put almost anything in a box and this is why they are considered to be excellent.

Not only this, boxes are easy to design as well. The flat surfaces with stiff materials allow for easy printing. There is also a lot of space which can be covered in anything you want. A box is not necessarily a square. A wide variety of box styles are available in the market such as; gable boxes, cylindrical boxes, etc. While designing a box see what your customer will like and provide them with that sort of box.

#2 Adornment packaging

Time to get fancy now! Take your imagination as far as you can because ribbons, stickers, labels, or drawstrings can make your outer packaging attractive to the audience. It is classy and attractive to the audience. Also, it tells them what your brand is all about. Market your individuality with adornment packaging. Show customers who you are as a brand. However, be sure to use materials that are practical. Be it a velvet purse or a leather show packaging, your material must be classy as well as useful. It needs to reflect quality at all times.

#3 Vacuum packaging

Do you also think of airplane packaging like us when you hear the word, “vacuum packaging”? Well, the thing is that airplane food is packaged in vacuum packaging. Not only that many other types of foods are also packaged in such types of packaging. Vacuum packaging is sealed with hot-seals or vacuum-sealed to ensure it is safe from any containment.

#4 Bottles

For any liquid items, bottle packaging is excellent. Bottles come in all kinds of shapes as well as sizes. Not only this, but these bottles come in different designs as well. The materials vary from plastic to glass, to silicon. Bottles are another type of excellent and reliable packaging.

#5 Cans

Cans are a very famous small type of packaging. If you are not into bottles: then cans are a fancier kind of packaging that you can use. It can also be used alongside bottles for tiny packaging. Cans are made of tin and can be easily stored or disposed of. Canisters are also a close relative of the cans. You can find these for vitamins, nuts, or coffee beans. These canisters can be fancy and eye-catching as well

#6 Novelty packaging

Novelty packaging evokes a great sense of humor. It is fun, creative, and extremely eye-catching. It kind of humanizes your brand and creates trust between you and the customer. This also provokes brand loyalty.

#7 Sustainability packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is in trend today. It is exciting, as well as earth-friendly. This sustainable packaging is made by using recyclable products or zero-danger materials such as Kraft etc. this kind of packaging urges customers to be ethical and use packaging and products that protect the earth.

So here are the 7 types of packaging that you can use. It is your job now to ensure that you choose the right kind of packaging. We recommend visiting Boxes Xpert Hub to find out different custom packaging boxes and choose from those. The professionals there will help you get the right kind of custom packaging for sure and it will also help in saving your time.

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