How Kraft Boxes with Lids Boost Sales?

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“Packaging tells a story, it is your theatre” Steve Jobs. There is a lot of truth in the quote that Steve jobs, one of the most successful people on earth once said. Your packaging is indeed very crucial. Some people believe that packaging is so important that it must be given primary importance while others argue that your packaging is not as important as the product or the cost of production and packaging. We think that your packaging needs to contrast beautifully with all other things regarding a product.

Let us take an example of Kraft boxes here. Your Kraft boxes need to be to have lids on them because that way they will be able to boost your sales for sure. Now, if your product is not good enough and you only spend money on the packaging, making it classy or trendy it is not going to work. The packaging may fool the customer into buying a product and if the product is not up to their expectations you will have a very disappointed customer upon your hands. On the other side, if your product is of very good quality but the packaging is poor than the customer will never find out how good your product is because they will never be compelled to buy it. So, ensure that your product is good enough to be purchased.

What is a Kraft box exactly?

A Kraft box is made of low-impact and affordable, recyclable corrugated cardboard. These boxes are very effective in storing your light-weight products and also cost less than other kinds of packaging such as rigid box packaging. Unlike Kraft packaging, rigid boxes are expensive since they are made of thick sheets and can take a lot of impact upon them. Kraft packaging boxes are of brown color and to coat it with other colors need a different process.

Is Kraft packaging printable?

Kraft boxes are printable. You can print on custom Kraft packaging by using embossing technique. The pigment required is heavy so that it shows on the dense brown color of the Kraft paper itself. Raised Ink technique also works really well for this kind of packaging.

Are Kraft boxes a type of Eco-friendly packaging?

Yes, Kraft boxes are a type of Eco-friendly packaging. Kraft paper is made out of re-cycled material. It is reusable and easily de-composed as well. Due to this reason Kraft packaging is very popular for sure. Kraft boxes with lids even add extra value to the product. Many companies use custom Kraft packaging as it is affordable and trendy.

What is white Kraft paper and is it Eco-friendly packaging?

White Kraft paper is basically a bleached Kraft paper with a strong impact. It is often used for a cleaner look. White Kraft is also eco-friendly and a great alternative to plastic bags. White Kraft paper is also used by restaurants in place of cloth sheets as it is a better, more eco-friendly solution.

Are brown Kraft boxes better?

There is no debate whether the white custom Kraft box is better or the brown one. They both have different uses and different advantages. Brown paper is used in making paper bags and packaging while white paper is also used in replacing cloth or plastic bags. Both the brown Kraft and white cardboard box are biodegradable. The reason behind this is that they are made with environment-friendly materials.

What is presentation boxes made of?

Presentation boxes are also made of different materials. Presentation boxes are basically gift boxes that are made of either rigid cardboard or Bux Board box. Other than this, it is also made of Kraft boxes. Presentation boxes need to look beautiful. The gifts inside should have a very unique over-all presentation and these white or brown Kraft boxes ensure that.

use of Kraft paperDifferent ways of using a Kraft box

There are different ways of using a Kraft box. Some of these ways are given here;

  • You can use your Kraft paper to wrap up a box.
  • You can use your Kraft box to elegantly package a product.
  • It can be used as a paper bag.
  • White Kraft papers are also used in place of cloth in the restaurants.

How can Kraft boxes boost sales?

There are multiple ways in which Kraft boxes can boost your sales:

  1. Kraft boxes are eco-friendly solutions. In today’s world, it is a trend that every business that needs to be successful has to be socially responsible. Using Eco-friendly packaging can actually also help you in becoming customer’s favorite choice. Eco-friendly packaging also helps you protect the environment. It is affordable as well as recyclable.
  2. Kraft boxes are made of corrugated, recycled material. This automatically makes them less-expensive. Other than this, Kraft boxes are extremely feasible for light-weight products. The lower costs result in lower prices of the products and this leads the customers to buy a product which looks good and costs less!
  3. Kraft packaging can also boost your sales due the diversity of things it can be used on. Using custom Kraft packaging is an excellent way to attract more people towards your brand and compelling them to try out your product.

Kraft packaging is getting popular amongst brands these days. More and more people are using Kraft packaging to lower the cost of packaging as well as cater to the environment. In such circumstances, to keep up with the odds your brand needs to consider Kraft packaging as well. it will indeed boost your sales and lower your costs if applied in the right manner. Other than this, Kraft paper can be used as well. it is a good alternative for plastic bags or white clothes. Investing in Kraft paper in the right time will definitely help you reap its benefits sooner than later. so don’t waste time and get investing in Kraft paper today!

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