Is your candle packaging good enough for your candle business?

Candle packaging boxes

Candle packaging has become one of the renowned businesses for sure. Fancy candles are used more for decorations these days than they are as a source of light. People tend to use them on special occasions such as; Birthdays, Christmas, Eid, Diwali, and anniversaries. In-fact, candles are famous in restaurants as well since they add a lot to the romantic themes or cozy décor. The point is that fancy candles are trending and they have led to a booming custom candle packaging as well. Candle-selling has become so famous that even you can also become a part of your business.

How can I start a candles business?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and thinking of starting your own candle businesses then nothing like it. Small enterprises are thriving today and you can also enter the candle-selling market. Let us elevate your concerns regarding the start-up. Starting your own business is not very complicated if you are able to answer a few questions easily. We will go through these one by one for you to ease out your concerns and enjoy it.

While planning your start-up make a checklist. Ask the following questions;

·   How much does it cost to start a candle business?

Normally, the start-up cost varies. It depends on many factors such as your location, the supplier you are getting your materials from, the fact whether you are making your own candles or someone else is doing for you, and obviously many other miscellaneous expenses. Ensure that you draw a list of all the expenses to have a rough idea of how much capital you require.

·   How do I start a candle business from home?

Online businesses are booming after Covid-19. The convenience they have brought and the trust they have built within the customer is shocking. In such circumstances, running an online business is so much easier than opening a physical shop. Thus, just make a right plan for your home business, market your product online, talk with your delivery partner and you are set for running a candle business from home.

Candle business does earn you a handsome amount if you are persistent in your efforts. It allows you to make profits in the short-run and since it is trendy, there is no threat of candles going obsolete.

Your major concern through is the packaging. Packaging of any product is an art, let alone the packaging of a fancy product. Your candle packaging or candle boxes need to be safe and secure as well as appealing to the eye. This point brings us to the second biggest question of all times.

·   What box should I use to ship my custom candles?

Save shipping becomes a major headache for many online businesses. Ensuring that your product reaches the custom in one piece is very important. The right box, however, can help you save your candles from damage and also impress the customer. When it comes to talking about custom candles boxes, a few queries arise.

·   How much is it to mail a candle and are there chances of melting?

Mailing a candle can vary in cost depending upon the distance it travels and the price your delivery partner charges. Other than this, the chances of melting of soy candle wax depend on how high the temperature is. Soy wax candles are best for pouring into glass or aluminum containers.

·   How to ship candles without lids and what is a priority mail cubic box?

In the era of extreme customization, almost anything is possible. Shipping your candles without lids is also easy depending on what type of box you are using. Some extremely fancy boxes are designed in a way that you do not require lid at all rather the design of the box is enough to keep the dust and dirt away.

The priority mail cubic box is extremely interesting. It is basically a type of USPS mail class where the rate matters upon size rather than the weight of the box. Mail cubic boxes are excellent for shipping candles as they lead to saving cost as well as getting the best size of the custom box.

What is the size of the candle box?

The size of the candle box also varies with the size of the candles. Many fancy candles come in different sizes and shapes. This leads to a variation of box size as well. Custom candles packaging require custom boxes. However, here are some common measurements that may not essentially apply to your candles, but will an idea for sure.

·   What are the standard sizes and standard diameters for candles?

The standard sizes for different types of candles include;

  1. Tea light: it has a diameter of 1 ½ inches and a height of ¾ to 1 inches.
  2. Votive: it has a diameter of 1-2 inches and a height of 2-3 inches\
  3. Filled candles: they have a diameter of 4 inches and a height of 3 ¼ inches
  4. Pillar candles: they have a diameter of 2-4 inches and a height of 3-9 inches
  5. Taper: it has a diameter of ½ – 3 inches and a height of 6-18 inches
  6. Flameless: these come in all sizes and heights.

·   How tall should candlesticks be?

Candlesticks need to be a standard diameter of 7-8 of inches. The height can be of your own choice as that is pretty subjective.

To learn more about the types of candle packaging you can check out the candles boxes offered by Boxes Xpert Hub. These will give you an idea of how customization works. Other than this, custom packaging will create a type of packaging which compliments your brand for sure. This is the reason why we recommend custom candles boxes. We hope this article elevated your worries to a certain extent. Do you business right with custom candle packaging!

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