8 Solutions to Solve all Your Cigarette Packaging Requirements

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Products such as lighters, food products, and others need to follow some stated laws. The FDA authority has these laws in place to minimize the harmful and negative effects of some items and they also ban the product which is highly dangerous for public health. Tobacco, for example, is one such item and it has some specific requirements that need to be fulfilled regarding its custom cigarette packaging.

What things will you have to consider when designing your custom cigarette boxes?

Due to some very important laws, all tobacco companies are required to use colored images that show the impact of cigarettes upon health and also write the warning statements. So, cigarette packaging needs to have the warnings at all costs. Keeping this in mind, the question arises that how you can package your cigarettes effectively?. Well, worry not because we will tell you exactly how you can package your products to have the best possible outcome for sure.

Implementation guidelines for the rule

On the 18th of August, year 2021 the US district court postponed the “implantations of an adequate warning date” for the cigarette boxes and its advertisements. So, the latest date will be the 11th of October, year 2022.

1. The location and the size of warning to be printed upon the custom cigarette packaging

The warning needs to be “consistent” on the half of the front top as well as the rear sides of the cigarettes packaging. In other words’ it is a very expensive two sides of the cigarettes packaging.

For the carton, the needed warning needs to be printed upon the left side panel. This means it needs to cover the half surface of the carton for sure.

2. Issues with orientation of the cigarette box

The orientation of the warning, the information given and the text needs to be same. For example; upfront we will have

  • Logo
  • Brand name

The warning is required in both textual and illustrated format.

3. When it comes to cigarette packaging boxes, 11 warnings are required

The illustrations and textual warnings need to be changed after every month to complete 11 warnings. This is done because it is the basic requirement and without doing so the laws are not abided well. If you keep changing your pictures and text etc., this means that you will be easily able to keep track of FDA cigarette packaging laws.

4. Instructions regarding the permanent warnings on cigarette boxes

Warning texts or the images need to be printed upon the cigarette packaging boxes for it to remain permanent. Pasted pictures or texts are not allowed at all since it is very easy to take them off. The laws clearly state that it needs to be printed in the packaging so that it is not removed at any cost.

5. What is the best size and location for advertisement of custom cigarette boxes?

For the print branding or for other kinds of advertisement, following is the answers that you are looking for.

For print advertisements, you can resort to the following:

  • Emails
  • Applications
  • Mobile numbers
  • Digital platform
  • Web page
  • Social handle
  • Retail displays
  • Promotion on sign

Your warnings need to be put in the front of the packaging. The indicated warning needs to consist of around 20% of the total surface area of the advertisement to inform the customer about it.

6. The best rotation for your custom cigarette packaging

Are you aware of the art of rotating the warning and other vital signs on the custom packaging? Well, if you think that rotation is not vital then think again because it is crucial for the custom cigarette boxes. You need to switch the 11 warnings quarterly and that in an alternative pattern.

7. Permanent warnings for advertisement of cigarette boxes

Another important point when it comes to cigarette packaging is that the advertisement also needs to have a permanent warning etched to it. In print advertisements, the warning must be clear and printed upon the page. In media advertisements, adding audio as well as pictures or video is also highly important.

8. Guideline about logo of custom cigarette packaging

It is safe for you to use the trademark or logo on your cigarettes. Firms are permitted by authorizes to use their brand name if they agree to follow all the laws made for them. The regulations are to be kept in mind when you are going for custom boxes of cigarette. If these things are not kept in mind, it can create a lot of problems for the company and you might have a lawsuit hanging above your head! So, brand wisely with custom cigarette packaging.

After reading these information, you have learnt how cardstock packaging bring sturdiness and alluring qualities to gain the attention of smokers. Kraft stock are scent absorber and helps in activation of clients sense of smell to make it easier for quick assessment and selection of flavor. So, you can do these customizations and understand the interest level of your customer to improve your marketing strategies.

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