Create A Buzz For Your Cigarettes!

The buzz is all about customization. Are your cigarettes in desperate need of a make-over? Is your packaging giving you trouble? Well, your answer is customization. The solution to almost every packaging problem lies in customization. Your custom boxes are your way of increasing sales. They can boost your profits. Your customer base can expand due to them and whatnot. With custom packaging, you do not need to worry about anything since it fulfills all your concerns.

The benefits of custom packaging are as follows:

  1. The design of the box is of your choice.
  2. You can choose your material for the box
  3. The Colour theme is to your taste
  4. Custom boxes thoroughly compliment your product
  5. The printed content is according to your demands.
  6. Size, weight, and height are specific to fit your product perfectly.
  7. Bring unique factors that set your cigarettes apart from other brands. 
  8. Be the apple of your customer’s eye!

Custom packaging of your cigarettes can also help you in increasing your brand recognition. Research shows that brand recall is high for unique things that get stuck in the mind of consumers. Ensure that your packaging is one of a kind and boost your revenue like that.

Boxes Xpert Hub and customization

To worry about where to get your packaging customized for. If we give a suggestion, then you can find the solution with us as well! Boxes Xpert Hub is known for its excellent customization services. We offer you all kinds of customized packages that suit your products very well. The best thing about shopping with Boxes Xpert Hub is that they let you pick stuff at wholesale rates. You don’t have to worry about spending too much money on your cigarette boxes because we operate at highly economical rates. Visit our website and get a quote for your product. Or click here, and we will direct you to the website ourselves!

Is customization is the right choice?

Believing statistics is more accessible than trusting random talk. We will share with you some statistics that will show you just how right customization is. If customization is done correctly, then it can help you with multiple things, including;

  • Creating a unique selling point to keep distance from rivals
  • Convey to the customer that you care for them
  • Converting your customers into brand ambassadors
  • Improving the shopping experience of customers.

Increasing your brand loyalty:

92% of your customers claim to trust their friends and family regarding brands and opinions. If your customers are loyal to your brand, they will recommend your product to their peers. This can lead to increasing your customer traffic that will eventually result in building brand loyalty. This is a domino effect that good packaging can achieve. Customization ensures that your product is so well presented that your customer falls in love with it and becomes loyal to your brand. For this purpose, customization is indeed a good decision.

Improving brand recognition

Consistent themes are said to improve brand recognition by 80%. This especially holds when you are choosing the theme for your packaging boxes. Marketers always advise businesses to use a consistent brand theme to wrap the products for packaging to market your brand in front of customers and embed an image of your company in their minds. This way, whenever they will think of cigarettes, the first brand to pop in their head will be yours. This type of marketing is said to be an excellent method of promoting not only your product but also your brand, leading to improvement in brand recognition.

Customization, the ultimate solution

It will not be wrong to say that customization is the ultimate solution. It is the answer to all packaging worries, and its outcomes are more significant than the amount invested in it. If you want to create a buzz for your cigarette boxes wholesale, customization is your buddy, and Boxes Xpert Hub is the right place to go. Choose your design, style, set your theme, and approach the professionals at BXH to get the custom cigarette packaging that will leave your competitors far behind![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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