Why Counter Display Boxes Are A Better Option?

counter display boxes best option

In packaging, especially customization is rapidly gaining popularity due to many reasons. Custom counter display boxes are easily the best marketing tools. They are the tellers of your Tale, very cost-effective, and leave a signature imprint on your customers. Not only this, but they lure the customer into buying the products on display. They also silently (loudly) market your product to consumers that may be fascinated by the uniqueness of your customized counter-top cardboard box

Furthermore, how counter display boxes best option for brand? read below;

  • Creating a unique selling point to keep distance from rivals that may crush you
  • Make your product look appealing
  • Converting your cardboard boxes in brand ambassadors
  • Improving the shopping experience of customers and decorating your counter.

Why customized counter-top boxes?

Let us tell you why getting your cardboard boxes customized is better than getting ready-made ones. In case you are wondering, the list is quite long, but we have narrowed it down to just major stand-out points for your convenience. So, could you sit back and hear us out?

Creation of brand recognition

Approximately 80% of brand recognition is improved through the use of unique packaging. Branding is a key to imprinting your Brand in the mind of your consumers. Packaging has the ultimate goal of instant recognition. Referring to Tiffany and Co’s ‘blue box’, it is easy to recognize the Brand right off the bat without even looking for the Logo. This is how the goal of packaging is achieved. Customized display boxes ensure that the moment your customer sees the box, they can recognize it without looking for more information and buy your product.

More sales for you

The purpose of counter display boxes is also to sell more products that might not be a center of attention when lying on shelves. 

Stand out amongst the competitors others.

Imagine your product being crushed down by the consequences of your rivals just because they have prettier and more attractive counter-boxes than you. That would be highly frustrating. What if the reason their boxes stand out is that they got them customized? What are you waiting for then? Get your customized as well and show your rivals and your customers that your product is the best!

Word of Mouth Marketing & customer-generated content

It is not a piece of cake to achieve word-of-mouth marketing or customer-generated content. Yet, they both are

  1. A completely free way of marketing
  2. Highly effective
  3. Useful when building a brand community

The majority of consumers (92%) claim to trust the opinions of their friends and family, while 74% of consumers claim that word of mouth marketing influences their buying behaviors. If your counter-top custom boxes can get customers talking about your product, there is nothing to complain about. Right?

Source of new customers

Good brand recognition plus word-of-mouth marketing equals an increase in customer base. If your customer had an overall pleasant experience while shopping for your product, brand loyalty would increase. If your counter-top custom boxes can impress the walk-in customer, then every day would be a day of gaining new customers for your products. These customers will lead to increased revenue which eventually ends up increasing your profits as well. In short, having custom-made boxes gives a lot of benefits to those who go for this option. You should also not miss out on it.

Custom counter display boxes

Customization is a solid selling point today. With the increasing knowledge of the customer, it is becoming harder and harder for businesses to please them. Customization provides firms with a moment to see inside their consumer’s minds and pick at what sort of design and product features will satisfy them. When it comes to packaging, it is one of the crucial things that impression the consumer. It tells them what they can expect from the Brand in terms of quality, class, and design. So, businesses need to work on creating otherworldly packaging for their products.

Counter boxes are an essential tool of marketing. Not only this, they give your customer the first impression of your brand. They communicate to the consumer about who you are. First impressions matter a lot and need to be taken care of. You do want to risk displeasing your consumer or potential customers in any way. This is why customization of counter display boxes is essential. 

Getting a unique and attractive message printed on your boxes or making them fun yet elegant can convey a lot to your customer about your product. It can help them in deciding on the product. Appearances indeed matter, and 60% of impulsive buyers love judging the book its cover. So making the body extremely entertaining gives the Brand an upper hand. The more you master the art of customizing your counter display boxes, the better your sales and brand recognition will be. So, don’t hesitate and get your cardboard counter-top display boxes customized today for the greater good of your brand!


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